Dog walking & pet care in Colchester.

Who is ready for an adventure?

Dan sat down with George and Eddie

Introducing... Daniel James 👋

Hello, I have started SNiFFARi Dog Walking & Pet Care as a new pet services business within Colchester, Essex. I currently offer a range of services at competitive rates so you can be happy knowing your pet is in good hands and you're saving money at the same time.

Dan smiling pointing to Eden the dog Dan cuddling a small cockapoo called Barney Dan crouched down next to Holly the dog

How does it work?

Do you want to use my services? Great! Let's get started.

  1. Say hello 👋

    You'll first need to contact me either by social media, email or phone so we can talk about what you need.

  2. Meet & greet 💬

    We will need to meet in person. I can either visit you at home or at a local park to discuss what you're after and so I can get to know you and your pet.

  3. Start working 🚀

    Once you're happy and you've signed the paperwork (it's nothing scary!) I can start. Payment is due after I have provided a service.

Services & Prices

Ready to talk business? Here's what I can do.

  • Dog walking

    Dog walking is priced at £12 per hour, per dog or £20 per hour per dog if they must be walked alone. I may have to walk some dogs alone if they are very big and/or very strong.

  • Pet taxi service

    I can drive your pet to a specific location for you such as collecting them from day care and taking them home. Price is dependant on the journey.

  • House visit & Welfare checks

    I can visit your pet at home for up to 1 hour at any time of the day. Prices start at £10 an hour but can vary in special circumstances.

  • Overnight stays

    I can stay in your home overnight to look after your pet whilst you're away for a couple of days. Prices start at £25 per day but can vary in special circumstances.

You can also buy in advanced — for example buy 10 walks at once — for a discount. Please ask to discuss!

I don't offer home boarding at my own house but I can recommend you to someone else who does.

Prices may change at any time without notice.

Let's talk business!

Get in touch and I'll try to reply within 24 hours.

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